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Camping in Kluane

moose backyard2 moose backyardFrom Kathleen Lake Lodge, several campgrounds are accessible close to Kluane National Park
on the Haines Road (Yukon Highway #3).

Kathleen Lake Lodge offers grassy camping spots for tents, campers, RVs and trailers. Each site has a picnic table and fire pit. Wood and indoor washroom facilities are included in the price of the campground fee. Hot showers are available. (We prefer you to bring your own towel although we can supply a towel at an additional cost.) Water is accessible via an outside cold water tap located at the lodge. The Fee for campsite, wood, and washroom facilities is $15.00. Showers are an additional $5.00 per person.

Kathleen Lake Campground is located within Kluane National Park at Kathleen Lake. There are several unique sites - a few with a view of the lake and surrounding mountains - the rest tucked in among the trees. See the Parks website for further information on this campground.

Dezadeash Lake is approximately 15 minutes south of us. It has a Territorial Campground with many sites located on the shoreline.

Million Dollar Falls is approximately 40 minutes south of us. There is a Territorial Campground with several unique sites throughout. A walking trail and staircase lead to a stunning view of Million Dollar Falls.

All campgrounds give priority to bears, so there may be times when you will find one or more campgrounds closed. Please respect our belief that this area belongs to the bears and that they allow us to co-exist among them in their habitat. Other wildlife also forage in all of the campgrounds. Please respect them also as they, too, allow us to live, work, and play within their environment.